Ice Rentals

The Corporation of the City of Sault Ste. Marie operates 3 municipal arenas for the health and enjoyment of all residents:
  • GFL Memorial Gardens
  • John Rhodes Community Centre (2 ice pads)
  • W.J. McMeeken Centre

Return to Play Rules

Ice Permit Holder is responsible to implement and continually enforce for the Group:
  • Anyone exhibiting signs or symptoms of illness will leave the practice/activity.
  • Masks must be worn and only removed during the physical activity.
  • Facility entry through main ice doors with Sign In sheets for tracing purposes.
  • An attendance roster available upon request.
  • Participants will follow the social distancing markers.
  • Participants will be limited to a maximum of 50 individuals per ice surface.
  • Players to arrive only 20 minutes before session and vacate 20 minutes after session. 
  • Limits for dressing rooms as per social distancing requirements of 6’ with the ability to stagger dressing room times.
  • Pre-game and post-game handshakes eliminated.
  • No prolonged or deliberate physical contact between players.
  • Players distance 6ft apart during chalk talks, drills, preparation and post practice as well as when waiting in line for a drill to start.
  • No off ice warmups.
  • No food allowed.
  • Players have their own water bottle.
  • Players will not share clothing, soap, shampoo or other personal items such as razors and towels.

To book ice time at these facilities:


Ice Rental Rates

All rates include HST.

GFL Memorial Gardens Rates

Adult $200.00 per hour 
Youth $179.00 per hour

John Rhodes/McMeeken Rates

Adult $186.00 per hour
Youth $172.00 per hour
Non-Ice $67.00 per hour

Arena Rental Definitions

Term Definition
Youth Rentals for skaters 18 years of age and younger
Adult Rentals for skaters 19 years of age and older
Non-Ice Rentals on the concrete slab of the arena when ice is removed.