House Policies

General Policies

  • Smoking is not permitted in any area inside of GFL Memorial Gardens.

  • Air horns (compressed air) and balloons are not permitted.

  • Signs and banners may be allowed within the venue as long as they fall within the following guidelines:

    • The sign/banner does not impair the view of any guest in the arena, or block any existing signage or vents.
    • Information contained on the sign/banner is not of the nature that could be construed as vulgar, offensive, graphic or outside of what the community standard would consider in "good taste".
    • The hanging of signs/banners does not damage arena walls, paint, railings, glass, etc.
  • Please note some events prohibit banners, signs and sticks of any type, such as concerts, selected family events and other sanctioned events.

  • Cameras may be prohibited at certain events. This includes video recording devices.

  • Most GFL Memorial Gardens events do not require a child who is less than 2 years old to have a ticket unless they are to occupy a seat. This policy will vary by event, so please inquire at time of ticket purchase. For Soo Greyhound games, children under 3 years of age do not require a ticket.

  • Pets are not permitted in the facility, however all service animals are welcome.

  • No outside food and beverages (in order to ensure compliance with AGCO regulations).

  • Lost and Found is located at the Box Office on the main concourse. For more information please call 705-759-5251.

  • Pucks and other objects will sometimes leave the ice surface and land in the seating area. You are urged to be alert and to follow the play and the puck at all times.

  • Keep aisles and exits clear at all times. Emergency situations require that stairways be kept clear. Guests sitting or standing in the aisles or walkways jeopardize the safety of others and is prohibited. Entering the playing field, floor or restricted areas is prohibited.

  • Alcohol is not permitted in certain areas of the facility or outside of the building.

Tickets and Merchandise

  • Ticket speculators or "scalpers" are not recognized ticketing agents of GFL Memorial Gardens. If you purchase lost or stolen tickets from a non-authorized agent, you risk being removed from the seats you are in upon the presentation of a replacement ticket by the legal ticket holder.

  • Guests must have a suite ticket for admittance into the suites.

  • Retain ticket stubs to allow ushers to verify proper seat location.


The parking lot is to be used in a safe manner, ball playing, rollerblading, and skateboarding in the parking lots and roadways is a safety hazard and is not permitted. Illegal parking is prohibited. Violators may be ticketed by local police and/or towed at the owner's expense.

Fan Courtesy

Fan courtesy is an important element of fan enjoyment at any game or event. Fans are asked to wait for a stoppage in play during sporting events before leaving or returning to their seats. Improper conduct, demeanor, or anything that interferes with other guests' enjoyment of the game or event may result in ejection from the building. This includes, but is not limited to profane or abusive language, intoxication, and throwing objects on the ice or in the stands. Repeat offenses could result in the loss of ticket privileges.

Eviction Policy

GFL Memorial Gardens is committed to providing an enjoyable and safe environment for all guests. An individual's conduct must be bound by the law and by the right of others to enjoy the event, and should not offend or be abusive to others.

The following examples of behaviour are not acceptable and may result in eviction and/or arrest:
  • Use of offensive, profane, or threatening language.

  • Possession of:

    • Unauthorized banners, signs, or noise-makers.
    • Bottles, cans, frisbees, beach balls, sling shots or other projectiles.
    • Food and beverages not purchased in the arena.
    • Fireworks, weapons, audio and video recording devices, including laser pens/pointers, irregular sound devices.
    • Sticks, bars, clubs and poles.
    • Roller blades or skateboards or any object which may cause injury or obstruct the vision of other guests.
    • Illegal or noxious substances.
    • Stolen tickets.
    • Animals other than service animals for guests with disabilities.
  • Failure to wear footwear, wearing obscene/indecent clothing, or failure to wear appropriate attire.

  • Entering an area or seat for which the guest does not have a ticket and/or access.

  • Throwing or attempting to throw objects, spitting or dropping objects on to seating areas, playing surface or stage, or outside the arena.

  • Public drunkenness.

  • Fighting or threatening to fight.

Search Policy

All guests entering the facility are subject to search as permissible by law. Refusal will be grounds to prohibit admission to the event. The price of the ticket may be refunded.

For purposes of public safety and effective crowd management, GFL Memorial Gardens may conduct a search of guests attending an event. The magnitude of the search will depend on the type of event.

A combination of police, security and ushers may search each guest by a voluntary physical pat-down.  When determined by the venue's management, that certain items might be brought into an event, but the volatility of the crowd is low, a visual check will be done at each entrance in the following manner:
  • Visual scan of each guest.
  • The guest is asked to open his/her coat.
  • The guest is asked to open any purses or handbags, displaying the contents to the searcher.
  • If an inappropriate item is found, the guest will be given the option to dispose of the item before entry. If the item is of an illegal nature, police will be called.
These policies are subject to change at any time without prior notice.