CommunityPass App

Use CommunityPass app at GFL Memorial Gardens for automatic check-in, screening and vaccine proof storage

At GFL Memorial Gardens we are excited to announce the use of CommunityPass, an “all-in-one” app for check-in, screening, vaccine documentation, contact tracing and more. It is a helpful adjunct to support all the great work our community and public health continue to do to keep us safe as we hope to soon exit the pandemic.

Using your smart phone and beacon technology, you can automatically check-in to GFL Memorial Gardens when you come for an event or activity. Through bulletins and push notifications, it will also allow us to keep you up to date with any changes while we navigate the next few months of reopening in Ontario. Finally, you can use the app to store your vaccine documents through VaccinePass for ease of use in the future.

To download the app please visit or find it on Google Play or the App Store